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How to Reverse Tooth Decay with Remineralization

Many people get cavities, even though they brush and floss their teeth daily. This is especially common in children or those who have orthodontic braces. Limiting sugary foods and beverages may help, but some people are just more prone to developing cavities. Luckily, there is a natural solution that can help fight off damage-causing tooth decay. In this guide, we will introduce the process of tooth remineralization, which can strengthen the teeth and even reverse the signs of tooth decay. Let’s get started.

The Causes of Tooth Decay

Most of us have grown up believing that sugary foods and poor oral hygiene contribute to the formation of dental caries, more commonly known as cavities. While this is true, there is more to the story than avoiding sugary foods.

Some primitive cultures were known to have nearly perfect teeth, despite no access to modern dentistry or even toothpaste. Other early cultures were plagued with tooth decay, even as evidence pointed to some form of rudimentary oral healthcare. It is suggested that these differing cultures and their rates of tooth decay stemmed from diet. Primitive diets high in whole foods and fats seemed to improve tooth health, while those who ate more modernized diets that contained grains, processed ingredients, and agricultural products showed an increase in tooth decay.

Dr. Edward Mellanby, the researcher who discovered vitamin D, studied the role of food nutrients in oral health. He and his wife discovered that tooth growth in the early years of development set the stage for future oral health problems, particularly among young people who did not receive enough vitamins and minerals as their teeth formed. Other researchers took these findings, contributing more evidence to the question of what influences the formation of cavities. Their findings include three major factors:

  • Minerals in the diet reduced the formation of cavities.
  • Fat soluble vitamins like D, A, E, and K also improved tooth health
  • The presence of a chemical compound called phytic acid in foods, which may contribute to an increase in cavity formation.

What is Phytic Acid?

Thomas E. Cooke, D.D.S. explains phytic acid as a naturally-occurring molecule, commonly found in seeds, nuts, and grains. Part of the molecule is comprised of phosphorous, which is bound to the molecule tightly. This reduces the bioavailability of phosphorous, a mineral that contributes to strong and healthy teeth. High amounts of phytic acid in the diet can also prevent other minerals like calcium from being absorbed by the digestive system. Unfortunately, modern diets are often high in this chemical compound, and the rates of tooth decay are rising as a result.

Tooth Remineralization

By taking vitamin D supplements and reducing or eliminating the foods that have high levels of phytic acid, researchers saw that many people in the study showed very few new cavities being formed and in some cases, existing cavities were healing. In effect, this diet remineralized the teeth by making critical tooth-strengthening minerals like calcium and phosphorous more bioavailable. While the science behind this phenomenon is incomplete, the results are promising.

Still, the best way to ensure a healthy mouth is to brush and floss regularly. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing once before bedtime. Reducing the intake of sugary foods also helps prevent the formation of cavities. Finally, regular dentist office visits and cleanings can help keep teeth their healthiest. Your family dentist can pinpoint problem areas before decay causes more serious concerns. Schedule an appointment with your family dental professional today!

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Tips to Buying Supplementary Products

Exercising a balanced diet is always important considering how venerable you can be if your body is prone to diseases because you are not eating healthy. Opening yourself up to diseases will cost you more than you can when it comes to exercising a balanced diet and that you might have a good excuse for not doing so, but it is always important to take precautions. Things have changed and now you can access health supplements to buy from the market in case you of that schedules and therefore you will have no excuse for not staying healthy. The most important thing to note is that the supplementary product you are buying should not be a substitute to a balanced diet but just to complement what you are already taking. The truth is you are not the only person who is very busy others are very busy also and that is why you find that the health supplements are very many in the market today because of the demand and therefore you ought to be careful when you are purchasing. The following are some of the guidelines you can follow when you are shopping for health supplements.

It is important to seek guidance before you enter into the world of health supplements. It is important that you consult with your doctor before you can purchase the supplementary products from the market because sometimes they will give you advice on which product to buy if it is for treatment of a specific disease or to improve your overall health. Engaging the specialist can be very helpful because they can also make the buying process easier by specifying the product, you should buy because the market is full of supplementary products and therefore, you will avoid making mistakes that many people make. You can also rely on other sources of information such as the Internet where you can learn the benefits of using specific supplementary products and when to use.

When you are shopping for supplementary products from the market, it is important that you consider taking a look at the expiry date. You don’t want to make a mistake or purchasing a product that will be ineffective or affect you because it expired a long time ago. You should also consider your budget as you go shopping because different supplementary products will cost differently.

It is also important that you consider purchasing a brand that is well known in the market and not a brand that you have never heard off. The market is full of health supplementary products both genuine and counterfeit products and that is why it is important to engage a brand that is well known considering the quality of the product, you will be buying. Additionally, it is important to avoid over-advertised products and also learn to read the labels before buying.

The 10 Best Resources For Facial

It Is Prudent to Learn Some Benefits of Facial Detox
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Why Media Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Meet Surgeon Jeneby who Use Online Channel to Market his Clinic and Procedures.

Thomas Jeneby, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas. The renowned specialist use the social media to inform the public about his practices and the techniques he use in his procedures. He states that most of his clients knew about him through the online pages like the Facebook and Twitter, and radio and word of mouth. He revealed that he no longer do conventional media.

He has an active social media page that he uses to educate the public and pass info. The medical provider upload educative files on his official page to help you learn more about this field and why you should go for his services. This website is well designed, and clients have a space to write their feedbacks for new readers to learn more about their qualifications. You can read more now about the features that make clients keep coming for more from their homepage.

The practitioner is familiar with the online field and knows how to tailor his sites to benefit his facility. From the look of things, it is certain that FB is the leading page among the known channels as most persons use it. According to Jeneby, Instagram and Snapchat are less popular, but he still has these accounts and benefits from them. Most of his male patients and guests learned about this service from Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Note that you must be prepared when using any internet channel to attract many people who could turn out to be customers.

The famous medical practitioner must polish details before publicizing it. He knows the composition of various genders in his pages making it easy for him to upload relevant clips. Jeneby will provide a revised version to show how a surgery went. Some audience and followers are sensitive to the information they read online, Jeneby has taken this concept in mind, and give warning on such files. After every upload, the surgeon receives personal messages from viewers who desire to get the exact services. Many men ship their private messages on LinkedIn and Twitter while most girls do it on Facebook.

The medical practitioner emphasizes on the benefits of uploading content clips online for any company. He understands that the online communities prefer something they can repeatedly see to written procedures. Jeneby makes sure that the shared files are not only for marketing purposes, but they also pass educative information to his followers.

He explains about how finding FB audience has become a gigantic compact due to the introduced rules that limit the posts you can share. The virtual firms should consider putting up pictures and files that will entice the readers. The more your audience like and share the material, the more it gets to many views.