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Great Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Holidays and All the Guests You Will Be Entertaining While Remaining Stress Free

For many people, the holiday season means a lot more time spent with friends and family. This could mean traveling to happy hours, office parties, and family gatherings. For some of us, that means hosting friends and family in our homes. This might sound stressful for some. It can be overwhelming to try and keep up with you own calendar during the holidays, never mind find a time to have a party that works for everyone else’s schedule. My first rule for holiday entertaining is do your best to provide the ideal gathering, but don’t ever sweat the small stuff. Of course, you need to think about the details but it would be crazy to think that anyone is going to pull off the perfect party. If you want to get as close to perfect as possible, keep reading.

Hire a Cleaning Crew

If you have never had someone else clean your home before, get ready, because it can be addicting. There are plenty of great deals out there for companies that provide different levels of cleaning for your home depending on your need. Check out your local directory or ask a friend for a recommendation. It does not have to be a full clean but if I were you I would schedule a session for both before and after the event

Get the Atmosphere Right

If you want to throw the perfect party with minimal stress then make it a relaxing environment to be in. Set up the main room with cozy furniture from Pier 1, they have a lot of sales and discounts around this time of year, you can look for coupons online. Make sure there is enough seating as well as comfortable lighting to get everyone in the mood to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Food Can be a Team Effort

If you are stressing about what to serve and when you will have the time to serve it, just remember that food can be a team effort. You can always turn this party into a potluck and ask each of your guests to bring something to eat. You can even be really organized about it and ask certain people to bring specific things, like an appetizer versus an entrée. That way you will be sure to have a little bit of everything no matter what and you won’t have to cook it all yourself

Ask for Help When You Need It

If hosting your whole family at your house for the holidays is stressing you out, just be honest and tell your family. Chances are they will tell you it is not that big of a deal and you don’t have to do anything special. They may even offer to come over and help you decorate, or do some cooking in your kitchen, or help arrange furniture. Sometimes if you have one more set of hands it can make all the difference.